Tryck av stora klistermärken

Ingen kan missa ditt meddelande med stora klistermärken! Oavsett om du annonserar eller instruerar, är stora klistermärken det perfekta valet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply large stickers?

In order to apply a large sticker effectively here are a few top tips to help you! Firstly, make sure the surface is nice and clean, with no bits of dust or dirt! Secondly, make sure you know the exact position you’d like your big stickers to be in. Thirdly, we recommend using a tool to help flatten the decal to avoid bubbles, maybe a dry sponge or ruler. And lastly, apply your big sticker from the middle, making sure all corners or sides are smooth and flat to your surface. Eh voila!

Can I use large stickers as decals?

At HelloprintConnect we offer a range of big stickers to be used on those different surfaces including: wall stickers, window stickers and floor stickers. While these are not specifically decals they are meant for those tricky surfaces with easy removal.

What are decals?

Good question! Decals are pretty much a decorative larger scale sticker. They are made up of paper on the back, and can easily be transferred from one surface to another. Usually they are used on surfaces such as walls, windows, floors and vehicals. The main difference between a decal and a sticker is a decal is a decorative sticker that can easily be removed as on the other hand stickers cannot be easily removed. However the terms sticker and decal are interchangable, on our website you will see both!

How to remove decals?

In order to remove a large sticker effectively, use clean cloth soaked in warm water. The cloth will help to loosen the adhesive of the sticker. Let this rest over the large sticker for 5-10 minutes depending on how stubborn the sticker is, then, gently begin to rub the sticker away with rubbing alcohol. The sticker should then lift with ease.